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Consulting services

We provide consulting services by answering to our clients’ inquiries: in written form on our website, during interactive counseling sessions that we organize once a month, through in house education in clients’ premises and via studies preparation.

  1. Customers can ask questions by filling in the contact form available on our website. We provide the answer within 24-48 hours in written form to the customer’s e-mail address.
  2. The interactive counseling sessions are organized once a month. The topics we cover are related to changes in regulations regarding the import and export of goods and services, the application of the regulations in practice, changes in procedure and competence of state authorities for the application of the regulations. Our customers can ask questions in written form prior to the counseling session or orally during the session.
  3. In house education workshops are organized in client’s premises. The topics and the education itself are being adapted to customer’s needs. In agreement with the client, we create an educational program and choose a team of experts.
  4. The preparation of the study is created on client’s request. Associates who are preparing the study are chosen by the agency. Processing time depends on the project task and client’s additional demands.



Commercium publishes printed editions – books and guides. These editions are intended to help readers in their everyday work, but they can also help the education of employees in state administration and business entities.


Our associates write comments on regulations and application of regulations posted in sections and subsections of our website.




You can publish your banner on our website. The purpose of banners is discrete promotion of products and services of the advertiser without annoying the visitors of the webpage. In that way, banners do not trigger adverse reactions of the visitors.


We have a large number of visits to our website, given the fact that it is a specialized website visited by a narrowly defined target audience.


Banners can be placed on previously specified blogs, in which case they are called fixed banners. They can also be rotating, which appear no matter which blog the visitor has opened. 

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